Friday, 15 May 2015

The Retention Convention – Running an Ethical Health Club

An overview of our presentation at the Retention Convention on 14 May 2014…

Ethics are important in any business, it is one of the things that made me switch from the banking industry to health and fitness… from helping banks to make more money to helping members to become fitter and healthier.

However, in 2008, there were several things that I questioned about the ethics of the fitness industry, which are now changing for the better…

  • Contracts were once the retention solution, but many clubs offer more flexibility now, or even use “No Tie-in” as a marketing headline.
  • Investing in staff was seen as a negative (they'll leave with more skills), however, investing to keep people is now becoming more popular.
  • Communicating with absent or ex-members was seen as a big no-no, but encouraging absentees to return, and opening dialogue with leavers is a much more positive approach.

Check out the full GGFit presentation by clicking through the slides below. Attendees of the Retention Convention will receive a link to review the full presentations (video & audio) in due course.

Our Top 10 Ways to be More Ethical… & Retain More Members

1.   Welcome and Say Thanks
2.   Check New Members are OK
3.   Open Communications Channels
4.   Congratulate / Encourage Members
5.   Keep Them Regular ;-)
6.   Contact Absentees
7.   Survey Leavers
8.   Stay In Touch with Ex-Members
9.   Measure Member Engagement
10. Improve Member Engagement

Please feel free to leave feedback or add your ethical retention tips in the comments below.

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guygriff said...

Robin had a great question after the presentation:
"How should clubs go about collecting more member's email addresses?"

I'll summarise the answer 3 ways:
1. Opt them in automatically (being sure to offer opt out on all communications)
2. Sell the benefits of giving your email address – “we’ll help you stay longer”
3. Set KPIs and measure email and other data collection