Monday, 25 May 2015

MyWellness Challenge - June - Team MOVE Challenge

This June, it's time for another team challenge, so get your instructors into teams and let's see who can collect the most MOVEs!...

Can you be on the winning team this June. Select your instructor(s), join the challenge on their team, and then add your MOVEs to their total. The winning instructor(s) gets a bonus, and there are spot prizes for the best individual movers.

Type:  MOVEs
Won by:  Whoever totals the highest number of MOVEs
Start Date:  1 June
Duration:  14 days
Prizes:  With prizes (Winning Instructor, and top 5 Movers win prizes)
Challenge Name:  Which Team will collect the most MOVEs in June 2015?
Individual/Team:  Team
Participants:  All
Include:  All activities

This challenge can be run standalone in any club, but to make it super easy for your staff and members, check out the MyWellness Challenge app from Technogym.

We set-up, maintain, promote and report on MyWellness challenges for clubs. Click here to find more ideas for monthly challenges on the GGFit blog.

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