Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Ex-member Rewards & Incentives. Get them back in...

Following our previous post about contacting ex-members, we want to know how you reward your ex-members, or get them back into the club. "No re-join fee" won’t cut it here (unless you’re doing something very innovative).

We’re interested in how you coax a previous member to make another visit, or what you use to encourage them to complete a quick survey. You probably don’t want to give away an iPad, and giving one ‘lucky’ re-joiner a year’s free membership means they have to rejoin to be able to win… which might be a little pushy, or too ‘strings attached’. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Complete this survey/form and we’ll send you a:
  • Class pass. Great if you’ve got a new class timetable to promote.
  • Guest Pass. Show them how you’ve changed, or what’s different about the club since they left.
  • Fitness Review. Like a regular member’s programme review, but a general chat about fitness, discussing exercises they can do outside the club to keep fit.
  • Health Check. You’ll need to be sure of your qualifications on this one, but it’s a discussion around health and fitness, with blood pressure and heart rate if you have exercise referral staff.
You could offer the ability to pass these rewards onto a friend, or bring in a friend in to join you for free (in return for their ‘prospect’ details and engagement too). Focus on helping people to exercise more and be healthier, and then keep them engaged... when they're ready, they'll rejoin!
*Don't forget to put a time limit on these offers, e.g. 1 month validity.

If you have the Technogym Profile App, check out another ex-member engagement idea here.

Please add your ideas for ex-member rewards or incentives in the comments below.

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