Tuesday, 4 August 2015

What works for you? The (Programme) Review

Results are a key factor in retaining members, which is why the review (or programme review) is a key interaction in keeping members active.

But the review is often feared, both by members and instructors, in the same way as the performance appraisal in the workplace. Instructors are worried that a member won’t have achieved the results they wanted, and the member (who is also worried they've let the instructor down), and/or that the instructor’s goal is going to increase the intensity of their workout.

Here are three things you can do to make the (programme/exercise) review work better for everyone, and make this critical member interaction happen more often and more effectively in your club:
  1. ‘Sell’ the review to instructors and members. Show instructors the results (attendance, length of stay, retention) of members who have regular reviews. Tell members that it’s a great way to stay motivated, learn new things, and get fitter and healthier. It’s not always about harder, better, faster, stronger... it might be a chance to take some exercises (that you don’t like) out of your programme and include some easier ones!
  2. Be positive about results. OK, the member might not have achieved their goal… yet, but there will be some positive outcomes to discuss, which can be used to motivate towards the bigger goal, or might change the overall exercise aspirations.
  3. Listen. Like the induction, but probably even more important, is for the instructor to spend time listening to the member during the review. It’s crucial for the instructor to remember than the member is the expert about themselves, their life, habits, and motivation. Instructors that listen can learn a lot about their members, and might even be able to pass on that invaluable knowledge to other members when the time is right.

The review doesn't have to take an hour, and should not always be about ‘progression’. A quick chat about exercises, visits, classes, goals, and general well-being and happiness in the club might be enough until next time. And ask the member when they want their next review… don’t tell them it needs to be in 4-6 weeks! If you do it when they want it, this will also help with success.

What is your typical programme review process, and how does it help keep members active? Please comment below...

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