Monday, 7 November 2016

How to Make the Most from Make a Move - Part 2

The Technogym Make a Move challenge is a UK nationwide club challenge that encourages facilities using the MyWellness cloud to challenge their members to collect MOVEs. It is a team challenge, so it pits instructors against each other to find out which instructor team can collect the most MOVEs from 7th to 25th November.

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Part 2 – Collecting MOVEs

You’ve got a whole bunch of members in your team now, but that’s no guarantee of collecting the most MOVEs. Here’s some quick tips on how to get up the nationwide leader-board and win the Skillmill:

1. What MOVEs count?

Understand exactly what counts, and convey this to your members. If they’re running around with their Strava turned on, or clocking up the lengths with their Swimtag, then find out these don’t count, they’ll be frustrated.
Only moves collected from connected equipment contribute towards the challenge. Connected equipment consists of Excite+ Unity, Artis Unity, Excite Visioweb, Group Cycle Connect and Skillmill Connect with a live internet connection. Talk to members about what counts. 

2. Prizes

The big Technogym prizes for the club and participants are fixed. But you can give out your own club prizes to members, either for your top instructor, individual winner, top 10, whoever comes xth on the club leaderboard (where x is randomly selected), or just spot prizes to encourage and thank members for collecting MOVEs. Talk to members about the prizes.

3. Share

There are many, many ways of sharing progress. Display the challenge leader-board on screens within your club if you can. Otherwise update posters or league tables regularly. Share team progress on your social media channels, and get your team members (including staff) to share how your team is doing. Talk to members about sharing results and your position in the league.

4. Celebrate

After the last challenge was completed, hopefully you said thanks and congratulations to all members who took part. If not, make sure you do this time! This will help you get more sign-ups next time around.
Tell everyone how you did, where you came, that they’re all winners, etc. In case you don’t get to talk to every member about it, a social media post or two, or an email will let everyone else know. But talk to members about it first.

Good luck getting members of your team to collect as many MOVEs as possible. May the best team win!

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