Monday, 28 November 2016

Member Surveys (Sales & Retention Convention pt2)

We’ve talked about surveys a few times on this blog (Engaging surveys for Gym Members, Member Surveys as a Retention Tool), so it was good to present a whole section on surveys at the Sales & Retention Convention.

There are lots of good rationales to run member surveys from getting insights and feedback, to scoring and improving your service, or just helping to tailor your member experience. Surveys are a great time and resource efficient way of having meaningful interactions with members. You’re not just sending them a message, but asking them to tell you what they think.

Here are our three key reasons for why you should survey your members:

  1. You make them think that you care
  2. They give you cause to care
  3. You get to show that you care

Surveys are relatively simple to set-up online nowadays, gone are the clipboards, printouts and pestering of members as they arrived or tried to leave.

We discussed 3 different ways of setting up surveys:

  1. A form embedded or built into your own website 
  2. Tools like survey monkey or snap surveys, or facebook/twitter polls
  3. Independent review sites like Feefo, Trustpilot, etc

Finally, we ran through 3 case studies of surveys used in clubs.

  1. Ex member surveys sent by SMS or email to engage members who left in the last 12 months, and offer a rejoin deal for completing the quick survey
  2. Fitness Class feedback for current members – gathering valuable insights and giving members the opportunity to have their say
  3. Requesting reviews from inductions and gym appointments to feedback on the quality of interactions between staff and members.

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