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LetsMove 2019 Review - Member Engagement key to successful challenge

Let’s Move 2019 has been another massive success for Technogym clubs all over the world. The annual global challenge has become a movement in the fight against inactivity, which now reaches out beyond the club walls.
We’ve interviewed the top 10 UK clubs; read on to learn how they did so well, and to find out how you should be celebrating, and what kind of challenges to do next.

Lets Move For A Better World works like this… Clubs participate by getting their members to pledge to donate their MOVEs to the cause. Each club has a leaderboard of members, there’s also a leaderboard of all the clubs in your country, and finally, a country leaderboard. Technogym provide equipment to winning clubs, which is then donated to a local school or charity. But for most, it’s a fun, way to engage more with members, guests, and the local community, and to promote activity.

LetsMove 2019 - the numbers

In 2019, 1,373 facilities in 32 countries took part. Almost 200,000 people donated 767 Million MOVEs from 11 – 31 March.

The UK had the most participants (35,931), collecting 124,734,993 MOVEs (beating Spain for the first time!) This really shows the strength in depth that Technogym has in the UK though, if we look at MOVEs per participant per day, UK only has 120 MOVEs on average. Well done to Azerbaijan, Denmark, and Romania, who all busted an average 200 MOVEs per participant per day, more than any other country.
UK Winners

In the UK, four clubs smashed the magic 3 Million MOVEs target, winning Technogym equipment for a local school; Ribby Hall Village Gym, Glasgow Tollcross, Crow Wood, and Burntwood Court. There was a fair amount of debate around the new rules to include GPS tracked MOVEs via the mobile MyWellness app, and connected devices like STRAVA or RunKeeper. It’s understandable that some clubs want their members to exercise in the club, but opening the challenge to more people and making it easier is great for more engagement and reach.

Why LetsMove?

All the sites we interviewed said that the best thing about LetsMove is the member engagement and fun factor. Staff morale is boosted through the challenge, they interact with more members, and it creates an amazing buzz in club. The competitive side of the challenge works well, with people asking about the leaderboard, but most members are just happy to be donating MOVEs, especially when they know it contributes something to the local community.

Glasgow Tollcross have massive member engagement, with over 1,000 participants. They run special “yellow” days throughout the challenge, with staff in yellow tutus, as well as DJ nights and give out goody bags to members for joining the challenge.

Crow Wood have yellow days, and red days too, as LetsMove always coincides with Sport Relief or Comic Relief fundraising weekends. So, they’ll raise money too from participants, and have red and yellow snacks and treats available. Pop up challenges in the gym, or special classes and climb challenges help to boost the buzz and get more people into the club to donate their MOVEs. As the top UK site over the last 4 years, Crow Wood have visited the schools that won their donated Technogym equipment, filmed workouts with some of the kids there, and have gained some amazing publicity through the whole process.

While some clubs see the challenge as a great lead generation tool with guest pass workouts, Impulse Leisure reach out to local community groups to get them moving more. Their Blackshots site challenged local rehab groups to work out on their equipment, as well as local sports teams, 999 service personnel, and scout and guide groups all working out for free and adding MOVEs. Social media coverage created more competition with several groups, especially the scout groups, trying to beat each other!

Another tip from all the top sites is to run regular challenges throughout the year. At Circadian’s Bradley Stoke site, members look out for the Technogym focused challenges like LetsMove and MakeAMove. But they know it’s important to mix up simple, fun, inclusive challenges every month, so they can talk to members about them and know what’s coming up next on the calendar, which is planned 12 months in advance.

Brimhams Harrogate - The Hydro are particularly focused on educating and rewarding staff as well as members. Nearly all the top 10 clubs spoke about targeting staff on member sign-ups, and then rewarding effort in terms of motivating members to keep hitting the MOVE target, whether it’s daily, weekly, over a weekend, or the headline and leaderboard position.

All this member engagement of course leads to better retention of members. Inverclyde Leisure’s Waterfront Fitness Gym sees their average attrition drop from 4% to 2.5% during LetsMove. March (LetsMove) and November (MakeAMove) are always their best member net gain months in the year. But on top of the financials, they talk about fun, staff satisfaction, and how it gets everyone talking to each other.

What now?

So regardless of where your club finished, it’s not over yet… there’s a lot more noise to be made, and celebrations to be had. Here’s our list of 9 actions and celebrations...
  1. Note your total moves, the final position of your club in the UK leaderboard, position in your chain, and the final position of your country (the UK came top for the first time in 2019!)
  2. Say a big thank you to everyone that took part, members, guests, teams, and local community
  3. Take more photos of your best movers, winners, and best teams. (Who’s a winner? It could be anyone who took part!)
  4. Write the story of how your challenge progressed
  5. Share all of this on social media
  6. Share with local media for some extra ‘old-school’ publicity for your club – and then re-share their social media stories
  7. Follow-up on all your guest passes
  8. Compare all your results with previous challenges, what did you do differently, and what will you change next time
  9. Plan your next challenge… keep up your member engagement (watch this space for our suggestion for your next challenge)

Check out Challenges on the GGFit Blog for more ideas on fitness challenges at your club.

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