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mywellness - challenges for May 2019

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We’ve got a couple of challenge suggestions for you in May. One is from the calendar and is a stock ‘appeals to all members’ team challenge which will get your instructors really working hard, competing and having fun, and the other is a more specialist, but quick event-based challenge.

We usually only suggest one main challenge a month, and recommend you keep your challenges simple. But this is the challenge club, and we want to give you ideas to try out and feedback on, so we’re throwing caution to the wind! Chronologically the specialist challenge comes first, so if it’s not for you, skip down to the team challenge.

Tour de Yorkshire (2nd-5th May)

We have a bunch of Yorkshire based facilities in the challenge club, so it would be remiss not to address the TdY, especially as we’ll be watching the racing closely at GGFit HQ. Think of this as a test event for the Tour de France challenge in July – it is quite specialist, but is a quick one, and can be run one (or both) of two ways…
  • Name: Tour de Yorkshire 'Max' 2019 and/or Tour de Yorkshire '20k' 2019
  • Challenge Type: Distance Cycled
  • Won by: Who cycles the most and/or Everyone who cycles 20km
  • Dates: 2 May for 4 days
  • Prize: voucher/prize from local cycle shop, or just kudos – photo and/or name on the noticeboard/newsletter
  • Individual
  • Exercises: Open to all forms of cycling (for the Max version) or only cycling in the club (20k version) 
If you have a lot of keen cyclists, especially those who ride outside and track their rides on STRAVA, etc. the TdY Max (who cycles the most) challenge will appeal to them. Otherwise the TdY 20k will be more interesting to general gym members, who might need to spend a bit more time on the bike on their Thursday-Sunday sessions, but will feel a sense of achievement by cycling 20km. While they’re doing this, sign them up for the next team challenge, which you should have set-up already.

Team Workout

This challenge is a great way to get your instructors talking to as many members as possible throughout the month of May. Set-up 3 to 5 teams with 1 or 2 instructors in each team. If you’re pairing people up, balance the teams, e.g. full-timers with part timers, extroverts with introverts, so that there’s a good, healthy level of competition. If necessary, cap the number of members in each team at, say 100, in case you have any superstar staff who will just get everyone. Your instructors need to recruit members into their teams from the time the challenge launches (a week or two before it starts), and then motivate them to make (log) as many workouts a possible during the 12-day challenge window. 
  • Name: Team Workout
  • Type: Workouts    
  • Won by: Who completes the most    
  • Time/Duration: 13-24 May, or 20-31 May (12 days)
  • Prize: Day-off for staff on winning team 
  • Teams: e.g. Bob & Sue, Diana & Clarke, Carol & Tony or get them to have team names; Incredibles, Supers, Avengers, etc
  • Exercises: Workouts in the gym
  • Aimed at: Everyone who visits the gym

Let us know if you’re running one or both of these challenges next month, or if you have other ideas of innovative or event-based challenges?

If you'll be at the Retention Convention in Birmingham, Elevate in London, or the Technogym Forum in Cesena, get in touch and we can have a chat. 

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