Friday, 6 May 2016

Feedback from the Sales & Retention Convention

One of the best ways to improve your member retention is to link your retention initiatives with your sales processes and scripts. Sell the actions and experiences to your members, and then deliver them!

This is what we presented at the Sales & Retention Convention last month – a joined up approach to getting more members into your club and getting them to stick around longer. In these brief blog posts, we’ll try to sum up a couple of hours’ presentation in a few hundred words.

Everyone who attended received a copy of the presentation link – if you would also like to review the slides, please contact us

Delegate feedback from the event was very positive, here’s what some of the attendees said:

  • Really good. Great to see how selling has changed and is more customer centric
  • Good detail but kept simple. Examples great, makes it easier to understand. Good interaction
  • Informative and good ideas. Information sheets provided to aid in selling techniques. A clear presentation of how to achieve the most in sales.
  • Good content and advice, some ideas that we will certainly use :)
  • Extremely helpful with ideas we can take back to site and implement to improve our processes. Also explanations of why we do things, how we measure it and what this means to our business growth
  • Great ideas to implement for retention and terminology used
  • Interesting facts. Brought together the steps in the process that we should be following
  • Different retention content than heard before, so took lots of notes!
  • Lots of facts and figures, gets you thinking about things more. Clear and Simple charts, Good interaction
  • Some really helpful pointers on different strategies we can use, especially like Zero-to-Hero card idea
  • Really good overview of sales and retention. Pieced everything together. Perfect for me trying to help upskill my teams in understanding how the two fit together

Thanks again to the Warwickshire for hosting, Marc Hackett at Interlock Productions for videography, Marie and Nicola for their organisational skills and meet & greet, and all the delegates for their interaction and feedback.

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