Monday, 29 June 2015

MyWellness Challenge - July - Tour de France (and mini Tours)

Time for some more inclusive challenges in July, getting into the saddle with the cyclists in the Tour de France. Teams are very important in Le Tour, but this one's all about the individual...

We suggest running 2 or 3 consecutive challenges here, to make it more inclusive by challenging the keen as well as the less keen exerciser with a challenge they can compete, with a bit of a push!

The Tour de France is over 3000km. Challenge yourself to your own mini-Tour this month, and see if you can ride 300km/120km/60km in 3 weeks.

Type:  Distance Cycled
Won by:  Everyone who cycles 300km / 120km / 60km
Start Date:  4 July
Duration:  21 days
Prizes:  Without

Monday, 22 June 2015

High Five your regular members!

don't leave me hanging...
As well as contacting absent members, it’s a really good idea to send communications to your regular users. Congratulating them on achievements such as hitting an exercise goal or simply visiting more often than last month can be a great boost, and will keep them coming regularly, which will reduce absentees. Try some of these out for size:

Monday, 15 June 2015

Do you miss your members when they're on holiday?

Contacting absent members often becomes a full time job through the summer months, and depending on the contact methods you use, can be expensive and have limited success. (here are the best ways to contact absentees)

The majority of absentees really appreciate these messages (assuming you respect their communication preferences) with absentees returning to clubs saying thanks for the contact,