Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The February Rush

We find ourselves in February once again, encouraged by January’s new member sales, despite the difficult climates (financial and meteorological). Some staff put their feet up after all those inductions, but now is the time to work even harder at retaining members.

Member questions:
  • How many new members in January?
  • How many inactive members “re-joined”?
  • How do you make other members feel valued too?

Motivation / Programming:
  • When is the next appointment with each new member?
  • Will a program review motivate them, or not?
  • What will motivate them – friends/class/PT/outdoor/GP?

If a member has not been for n days, will you
  • Call or text?
  • E-mail?
  • Send them a banana?
(and what is n?)

There are only 4 weeks in February. Make them count!