Wednesday, 26 November 2014

You’ve sent a welcome message – what next?

So you've sent the welcome message, said thank you and congratulations to your new member for making such an excellent decision to join your club. Now it's time to get them engaged. 

Different clubs use different approaches… some do nothing! Here are some examples of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to tell if your members are engaged during month one of their membership. Each engagement measure can trigger different messages to be sent.

How successful is your induction process?

And could it be improved??

Here’s a simple measure: - how many members joined last month, and how many of them attended a gym induction? Say 100 joined, and 60 of them had an induction… well done, you have a 60% or 6:10 induction rate.

Making your new members regular

We want to ensure as many new members as possible make the minimum visits in their first month. What is the minimum you ask? Good question: - here’s three ways of setting the minimum…

A Class Act in Month One

How many of your members visit a fitness class in month one? This is much easier to measure than first month visits. While it's not as effective a KPI as visits, and you're unlikely to hit 100%, you should be aiming for 100%.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Thank Yous & Congratulations! Why are new member communications so important

We've been focusing a lot lately on absentees and how you can get recently absent members back into the club. But as we approach the New Year, we want to ensure all of your new members are engaged and stick around as long as possible.

The face-to-face interaction such as a good welcome session and setting goals with a new member are really key (for a full service club) to engage with new members. It's also critical to get the new member communication journey right, whether you're running a traditional or budget club. There are loads of reasons why, here are our top three. Please add yours in the comments below, and we'll include them next month:

Say Thanks and Congratulations

The new member has just bought something from you. So say thank you.