Friday, 29 January 2016

LetsMoveForABetterWorld - Intro - GGFit Tips (1/5)

The 2016 edition of Technogym’s #LetsMoveForABetterWorld Global Challenge is coming next month, and if your facility uses the mywellness cloud, you need to take part. If not there’s still some top tips and lessons in these posts, so please keep reading…

Please note, if your club is on the mywellness cloud, but not licensed for the Challenge app, go ahead and register, you’ll get to join and try out challenge while Let’s Move is on.

We’re going to follow this post up with 3 articles on getting the most from Let’s Move…

Thursday, 28 January 2016

How do you know if your new members this January will stay?

We hope you’re having the best January ever, getting lots of new (and returning) members into healthier and fitter lifestyles, and growing your membership base too. You’re hitting the numbers now, but can you get a barometer reading on how long your January joiners will stick around for? 

Of course, if you’re following all the retention advice, each and every new member will be having a welcome session (induction), at least 4 interactions in the first month, welcome messages and follow-ups, and attending a class. Everyone follows your member journey to the letter, right?

Monday, 18 January 2016

How are fitness brands repositioning due to rising competition?

We’re often asked what’s happening in the fitness industry, for advice and recommendations outside of the relatively narrow field of member retention. The best way is to attend all the fitness networking events that you can, read print publications such as Health Club Management, Workout, FitPro, and keep an eye on any relevant blogs and online sources. But if you want a concentrated fix of the state of the market right now, check out Ray Algar’s latest report on the Health Club Industry Mid-Market.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Double your joining fees in January

January rolls round again, and the gym campaigns start with banners, flyers, emails, and text messages. The airwaves are buzzing with the same old hackneyed offers of no join fee, join for £1, half price first month, first month free, all during the busiest month of the year. But could you make more money in the short and long term by breaking the mould and charging more?

Any other industry would double the joining/start-up fee in their busiest month, check out the handy “when’s school half-term” service provided by a well-known family holiday provider below. We’re not saying it’s morally right, but they know when people want to visit, and they make the most of it.
When's school half-term?