Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Sell software downstream to achieve results

Why do so many software packages fail to deliver the solution promised? How come you’re struggling to achieve the amazing results that were presented in the case studies? Where is that return on investment?

One key factor is that the sales process often stops when the deal is done. The price is agreed, contracts signed, and management happily looking forward to the results and performance improvements. Next, staff are subjected to training and told of all the new tasks that they now have to do. There’s no need to sell to them, right? They’re just the staff, and the hard work has already been done getting the price right and contract signed.

Consider these alternatives:
  1. Management involve staff in the sales process and also get involved in the training to show their buy-in, and ensure the staff buy-in to the solution
  2. The sales process continues through the implementation of the system, ensuring needs are met and everyone realises the benefits (personal and corporate) of the new tasks that they have to do
  3. Goals are set throughout the implementation, to show quick wins and ongoing benefits, to ensure everyone continues to buy-in to the new solution

The hard part often comes after the financial & contractual sale is complete. Focus on continuing to sell the solution throughout the organisation and you will have greater success, and possibly even exceed the promised ROI.

There are other alternatives and other important factors, such as not overloading on training. Why not add a comment with alternatives you’ve experienced?