Monday, 27 July 2015

MyWellness Challenge - August - Team Workout

This August, get your members working as a team to push themselves a little more while the gym is quieter, and help them achieve their individual goals by competing for their favourite instructor.

A Team, yesterday

Team workouts are great ways of getting your instructors talking to members to persuade them to join their team, and then make sure they're visiting regularly and logging their workouts. A simple prize like a day off for the winning instructor is a good motivator, you could also give some of the top performers spot prizes or select a winner at random from the top 10 in the winning team.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Returning Member Motivation - "Back to Fitness"

It’s a year since we posted our Zero to Hero programme, aimed at getting new (inexperienced) members up and running in the gym. A few clubs have been running different levels of Zero to Hero, from logging visits on cards (like a coffee loyalty card) to triggering communications from membership systems for class attendance.

New member motivation programmes are a simple way of increasing first month visits and getting members into the exercise habit. But similar challenges can also be offered to members who are returning after a prolonged absence.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

July-ke a good challenge?

Keep your members coming back for more throughout the summer months with some motivating challenges. 
Avoid the traditional monthly rowing ladder, press-up or power circuit challenge which exclude most members. 
Instead, choose something inclusive that will appeal to all members instead. Here are some suggestions…
  • Tour de France (or mini TdF):- Cycle 300km (or 60km for mini) from 4-26 July
  • Instructor’s team workout:- Join an instructor’s team, and see who can collect the most workouts
  • Calorie burner:- who can burn the most calories this month?
For more ideas of challenges, check out our monthly MyWellness Challenge suggestions, most of which can be adapted if you don't use the MyWellness apps...