Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Club 2.0 - How it's used (bonus)... Part 5&6 - Instructors and Design

A bonus article on how the Profile App is being used by instructors and clubs. We’re pleased to say that this has been a popular series, with great feedback and additional input. Thanks to Barry for his comments on instructors and from Technogym on club planning.

While Club 2.0 is primarily a member focused tool, it’s also important that instructors buy into the app, and complete their own aspiration maps. Several clubs we know display the instructors’ maps with their photos in reception, or in the gym. This can help to:
  • Link instructors’ profiles with the classes they give 
  • Introduce a new instructor to members 
  • Choose a personal trainer 
Note that instructor’s profiles are often more even spread than members
– we often see 3, 4, or even 5 aspirations as equal for a very experienced instructor or PT. This reflects the fact that they exercise for many different reasons, and can identify with many different types of member!
It may also be useful in recruiting instructors to check the balance of aspirations already in your fitness team, and look for someone who fits or complements the team.

POWER - Enjoy powerful, loud music - Dance, Electronic or Hard Rock
Another comment from Technogym themselves is the benefit of Club 2.0 for gym design. Once most of your members have filled in their individual aspiration maps, you can find out the club map, or average member map, and redesign the space accordingly.
If your memberships show a big focus on POWER, maybe you want a bigger free weights area, more kettlebells or to play loud powerful dance or rock music.
A club that has a large SHAPE contingent will need to ensure cardio machines are available, that beginner classes are on offer, and music is softer but dynamic, perhaps pop and R&B.
SHAPE - Like dynamic, medium volume music, Pop, R&B or Dance
We covered a little of this in marketing, but club design is a whole other area, and can be well served by knowing your members' aspirations as a group!

If you’ve got any other out of the box ideas or uses for the Profile App, please add them in the comments, or contact us.

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