Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Club 2.0 - How it's used... part 4 - Prospecting

This series of posts looks at how clubs are using Technogym's Club 2.0 Aspiration Finder to improve their members' experiences.  Last week we looked at the the marketing benefits that Club 2.0 brings, here's a diversion from retention into member prospecting...

Prospective members are regularly visiting your website; just browsing.  They might sign up for a newsletter, or download a free pass.  Likewise, people visit your club every day, have a look around, and might fill in an enquiry form.

The Profile App (Club 2.0) helps you engage with these prospects online and in the club.
 It will help the prospect learn more about themselves, it’s quick, easy and fun to complete, and collects lots of useful information about them!

Online, it’s nice to point the member at certain classes, instructors, or areas of the club once they’ve completed their aspiration map.  If profile programming is a feature of your club, tell them this, as they will understand that they will get a bespoke programme for their profile when they join.
MOVE - I want to be active and healthy. I exercise to improve my everyday wellbeing
For walk-in prospects, the profile app allows you to find out more about why they are interested in joining – just like the interaction and goal setting article.  The club tour should be easier to ‘sell’ since you will tailor it to their needs; ask whether the predominantly FUN prospect would like to see the classes that are currently running, would the MOVE person like to see the pool first, or if you are POWER, would you like to head straight up to the gym?

On the tour, it is good to introduce the prospect to an instructor, and briefly mention their key aspiration(s).  Asking them about their targets or goals, and the classes they might like will also be easier knowing what motivates them to exercise.
POWER - Physical presence is a key ingredient of success. I exercise to look strong and powerful
In the unlikely event that the prospect does not now join, you have their contact details, and know what makes them move.  As mentioned in the last article, you can mailshot the prospects, or contact them with offers or news that will appeal to their aspirations again in the future.

If you have found these articles useful, or if you have other ideas of how to use Club 2.0, aka the MyWellness Cloud Profile Application, please comment below, or contact us directly.

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