Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Club 2.0 - How it's used... part 1 - Programming

Club 2.0 Aspiration Finder is a brilliant tool from Technogym that enables you to know more about your members.  It is also known as the ‘Profile’ MyWellness App, part of the MyWellness Cloud.

Club 2.0 has predominantly been marketed as a tool to aid exercise programming.  However, it has many more uses within clubs, and these will come into play more in the Profile App.  We’re going to run through some of the ways clubs use the tool to further their business.  Over the next few posts we’ll look at improving member retention through programming and interaction, increasing conversion of prospects, and sales and marketing to your new and existing members…

Exercise Programming

Since exercise programming was one of the initial drivers for the Profile app, let’s start there.
Knowing what moves a member to exercise is very powerful for prescribing a personalised exercise programme.
In conjunction with the Wellness System or Prescribe MyWellness App, Profile gives you access to hundreds of exercise programme templates.  It is important to stress that these are templates, and do not replace the role of the fitness professional.  The instructor can save time by starting with an aspirational programme template, and tailor it to the individual member’s wants and goals.

The basic goals of a POWER programme are typically enhanced physique and improved muscle strength.  The core components of a power programme are well designed intensive strength exercises to develop a strong and powerful body.  It might also include speed exercises to intensify the training and lead to a more effective programme, with cardio warm up to get prepared for the strength and speed exercises in the programme.
POWER - I exercise to look strong, and think physical presence is key to success

Members who aspire towards SPORT are looking for a challenging exercise experience, improved sports performance and general sports conditioning.  The main components of a 'Sport' training programme usually include strength, speed and coordination.  Intelligent strength training will not only involve muscle but movement.  The sport programme will be fast, whether it is throwing a ball further or sprinting a second faster, and will contain coordination training.
SPORT - motivated by challenges and improved sport performance
We often see two aspirations as being dominant in a member’s map, so the trainer can either provide two exercise programmes, one POWER and one SPORT, or combine the aspects of both into one programme.

The aspirational exercise programme library provides a wealth of information for instructors.  In the same way that the MyWellness Key does not replace good qualified fitness professionals, the profile app is a tool for the instructor to be able to deliver an even better exercise programme and quality service to the member.

Next week we will look at how the Profile App (Club 2.0) helps with member interaction.

Please let us know how you use aspirations; add comments below or contact us directly.

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