Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Club 2.0 - How it's used... part 3 - Marketing

We’re looking at the different ways Technogym's Club 2.0 Aspiration Finder is used by clubs to develop their business. The last article was about improving member interaction and therefore retention. This week we're looking at how Club 2.0 can help improve your marketing…

Club 2.0 (the Profile App) is a marketers dream.  It provides a database of members and prospects, with Birth Date, Gender, Mobile and E-mail, along with their primary aspiration, and full aspiration map.  Various other fields, such as Company, Address, PostCode, can be made optional or mandatory.
SHAPE - I exercise to burn calories, manage my weight and tone my body

Here’s a few ways that the information can be used, remembering it can all be segmented as you wish, e.g. age, postcode, gender, etc

  1. Research how many members have POWER as their main aspiration, before going to market with the latest kettlebell course, exercise, or instructor training.  
  2. Fill up a class by announcing that any FUN members in the club can take the last 3 places in spin.  This could be in the gym 5 mins before the class, or by text message 30 mins before.
  3. Mailshot members (and prospects) who have more than 15% BALANCE in their profile to tell them about your pilates, yoga, tai chi, and core fitness classes
  4. Offer nutrition advice to all members who are primarily SHAPE, either as part of their induction, or as a bespoke ‘promotion’ in your monthly newsletter
  5. Encourage all your MOVE and SPORT members and prospects to join the running club
  6. Provide a gym challenge, squash ladder, or tennis tournament for any members who have more than 20% SPORT or POWER in their profile.

Some clubs label their classes and courses with the different aspirational profiles.  This is a good way of getting members to buy into ‘what fits’ for them.
FUN - members who enjoy trying new things, interaction and movement
Good marketing is much more than labelling your classes though.  You need to try to encourage members in to fill all your classes.  Those who are not into classes can still be engaged through their aspirations.  Hopefully these examples will help.

Next week we’ll discuss prospecting with Club 2.0, also known as the ‘Profile’ App, part of the MyWellness Cloud.

If you have found these articles useful, or if you have other ideas of how to use the Profile Application, please comment below, or contact us directly.

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