Monday, 30 November 2015

Chase the Turkey – Bonus December MyWellness Challenge

One of our clients has come up with a great festive ‘outside the box’ challenge for December that we had to share with you. It’s really going to get your members interacting, exercising, and having fun!

If you’ve already set-up your MOVE or Calorie challenge, you could tweak it, or save this for 2016…

A little more set-up than usual for this one, but it doesn’t take long. Pick a reasonably active instructor (not too active), and change their name and nickname in MyWellness to “The Turkey”. Also change their picture to a pic of a turkey running (the one at the bottom of this post will work better than the one above, as it’s square)

Pick your type; distance run, or MOVEs both work well (we’ve not seen a turkey on a bike), set the dates, and make sure “The Turkey” joins the challenge and gets out in front!! Anyone who catches the Turkey, or beats the Turkey by the end date wins… a free-range, organic, succulent t-shirt, or something more Christmassy donated by your local butchers... you decide!

Type:  Distance Run
Won by:  Whoever catches/beats “The Turkey”
Start Date:   5 Dec
Duration:  16 days (to include both weekends)
Prizes:  With/without
Challenge Name:  Catch The Turkey
Individual/Team:  Individual
Participants:  All
Include: All results (check how active your Turkey is first!)

This challenge can be run standalone in any club, but to make it super easy for your staff and members, check out the 
MyWellness Challenge app from Technogym.

We set-up, maintain, promote and report on MyWellness challenges for clubs. Click here to find more ideas for monthly challenges on the GGFit blog.

Square Turkey Icon

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