Monday, 23 November 2015

Welcome Dormant Members Back - Stick Around Seminar Summary part 2 of 3

Another big focus for the start of the year is returning members – those who have been dormant but return.

If your systems will identify these members to instructors on their first return visit, this is invaluable, a you can interact with the member there and then. Alternatively, or in addition, you can trigger a welcome back message to be sent, and use this to produce a report of list of members to interact with.

Once you've identified your returning members, what will you do for them? The classic interaction is the exercise programme review, although some might benefit from the new member journey in terms of appointments and communications. Have one or two options available that will help them to stick at it this time around. Another alternative is to offer a zero 2 HERO programme for new and returning members, which rewards them for completing certain steps in their first few weeks, and gives you the reasons to congratulate or chase them for certain milestones.

If you can identify dormant members returning to your club, measure them as you do new members, and adjust your interaction strategy to ensure they make the minimum visits, and don’t become dormant again this time around.

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