Friday, 20 November 2015

Engaging New Members – Stick Around Seminar Summary part 1 of 3

If you missed our Stick Around Seminar earlier this month, here’s a summary of the first part of Guy’s presentation, “A member is for Life, not just for January”

To maximise engagement for new members, we are focusing on three key areas:- inductions, first month visits, and communications.

The induction (aka getting started, welcome session, stage 1, appointment 1) is critical for your new members, because it ensures they make one visit, and gives you the chance to encourage one more.
You need to urge as many members as possible to have this first appointment (or choose a fast track induction). Set targets for your sales/reception team to maximise inductions, and think about how you do the same for online joiners.

Measuring first month visits shows you how your new members are working. Too few members making the minimum visit cut means you need to sell more inductions, or improve your induction process. Drill down if you need to into inductions v fast starts, or specific instructors if you need to make gains.

Sending messages to your new members backs up the new member journey, but also gets them ready for future communications. A “thanks for joining” email should be a no brainer. Following up with a short survey in week two helps engagement. Then a congratulation SMS text message at day 30 is a nice touch, but also opens the SMS comms channel for future messages.

Check back here for summary part two- welcoming returners, along with articles from SWIMTAG and ProInsight.

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