Thursday, 26 November 2015

Keeping Active Members Active - Stick Around Seminar part 3 of 3

While there’s a big focus on new members in the New Year, this is nearly always to the detriment of existing active members, who make up the majority of memberships and income. 

Ensure your active members stay active three ways: with Programming, Classes, and Challenges.

Programme reviews are a key interaction point for all members. Know how many members have current programmes, when reviews are due, and sell the benefits of regular (not frequent) reviews.

Members who attend classes stay longer. So encourage more members to attend classes. Signpost a few key classes, and make them accessible to all members with taster sessions for new class goers. This gets new people into classes, without upsetting the existing class community.

Challenges need to be simple, varied and inclusive. Shout about your challenges before, during and after the event using all channels available to you. And monitor the success rate not just by participants, but by winners, losers, margins, and follow-ups. Get more than 12 ideas for challenges here.

A big thanks again to everyone who attended the Stick Around Seminar, for all your interaction and questions. Look out for future posts and guest articles from ProInsight and SWIMTAG here on the blog.

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