Thursday, 6 November 2008

Software Implementation – A how to guide…

Many software implementers have got it wrong.

Here’s a typical scenario:
Training follows installation, and for a number of days, the members of staff are expected to take in all the aspects of the new system. Management might attend the first hour or two (if they’re interested), but then go off to do more important ‘management’ things. The trainer leaves, and the staff continue to use the parts of the system that they like, or that they remember from the information overload.

This seems to be the same whether the system is being installed at a bank or a gym – an information assault on the staff followed by underuse of the system, and then management wonder why the system does not deliver as promised.

New scenario:
Consultant sits down with management and gives high level (1 hour max) overview of all the possibilities of the system. A coffee break follows, and then management spend another 30 mins with consultant deciding on key functionalities to deliver first, and timescales.

Staff are then trained in these key functions, and left for one week or so to learn how to use them, and get to ask more [intelligent] questions, before the next training session on the next part of the system.

Probably more time consuming, and expensive, but when you’ve spent all that money on buying that smart new system, why not spend a little more time learning how to get the most out of it?

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