Friday, 13 June 2014

Get the message right (part 2) - "Pop in for a chat"

We know that in-club interactions are most effective and most valued by members, but we can also boost contact between members and staff in the club through external messaging like SMS, email and letter… if we get the message right. 

Some new members need that extra nudge to make their next visit or to talk to an instructor. As a club manager, you should know how many visits your new members have made, so give them that nudge if they are below your minimum threshold. Include a call to action; for example try a class or speak to an instructor.

The best way to bring back absent members is a phone call, but a well timed SMS or email can be a good precursor to the call. The text needs to be engaging and contain a call to action driving the member towards an interaction in club. We have found texts to be more effective than email at getting members back. You can put more content into an email, but sometimes less is more. Pre-empting the call is also a good move; “Come back by {today()+7}, or we’ll be giving you a call to check if you’re OK”. Give them a deadline, explain what’s next, and then follow-up.

The final part of getting the message right is preparing your staff for the interactions. It’s no good sending a “Come back for a review” message if the instructor feigns ignorance (or is ignorant) when the member approaches them saying "thanks for sending me this message". Tell all staff what messages are being sent, and if possible provide a list or dashboard view of new and absent members.

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