Tuesday, 2 December 2014

How can I speak to them when they're all wearing headphones?

We're switching the GGFaqs section into an objection handling series through December and January. Not sales objections... there's lots and lots of people handling those already. We want to help instructors to overcome the objections (often their own) with talking to members. We already do this in our retention workshops, but want to spread the ideas wider afield, and get your thoughts too!

Let's kick off with a classic - "Everyone's wearing headphones, which means they don't want to be disturbed, right?"

The answer - "Maybe, but how can you be sure?"

A lot of members work out with headphones, some don't want to be disturbed, others are even more afraid of being spoken to than you are of speaking to them. How are you going to find out?

We don't suggest getting members to remove the headphones to talk to them, as that can be really annoying. Making eye contact, giving them a nod, thumbs up, OK sign, or similar is a nice non-intrusive acknowledgement that you're aware of them, and available if they need help. It's also really easy, takes less than a second, and will help break the ice for the next contact, which could be the same again tomorrow or the next day.
Ultimately, when a member needs help, they will know they can come to you, or might even take the earbud just out to introduce themselves.

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