Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Sales Benchmarking from Proinsight - at the GGFit Stick Around Seminar

All our delegates learnt a lot from Dave Hopkins of Proinsight at the GGFit Client Seminar last month. One of the great takeaways was Proinsight’s Sales Benchmark Report. You can find out more on Proinsight’s website, but here’s a couple of the key pages and metrics from the report:

Face 2 Face 

The flow of a mystery shop starts well in the leisure industry, with 88% offering a positive welcome. But this is followed by a constant decline down to asking the member to join, and follow up.
On the "Technical" sales process, "data capture" has improved slightly in 2015, and "follow-up" shows the biggest step-up (although it previously scored below 20%). 

The Emotional processes show good gains in ‘needs analysis’. Clubs are showing a big improvement on most metrics compared with last year, indicating that Proinsight’s clients are advancing their processes based on the reports and feedback they’re given.

Proinsight primarily focus on sales, looking at Mystery Shopping and Consumer Research. However, we are pleased to be working with them on developing Mystery Joining to measure the qualitative aspects of new member journeys and give clients valuable feedback than they can use to improve member retention. 

If you would like a copy of the full report, please use the contact form on the Proinsight website, or email info@proinsight.org with your details.

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