Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Data Capture and Follow-up need more improvement - Proinsight Benchmark Report 2019

It’s great to read Proinsight’s latest benchmark report… always eagerly anticipated, and packed full of insights that help us to understand how we can improve sales and retention in the fitness industry.

This year, Proinsight have partnered with our friends at MyCustomerLens; a great introduction at Elevate 2018, even if I do say so myself. This cooperation allows for even more critical feedback analysis.
The scores make interesting reading, but like mystery shopping reports, it’s what’s written between the lines that is most relevant for operators.

The first key takeaway is on the face 2 face score (62%), which is up on previous years reports, but let down by meeting the customer’s wants and needs. “Salespeople across the industry have got to switch down their desire to talk and switch up their desire to listen”. Or as we’ve said on this blog before, “Two ears, and One mouth”!

MyCustomerLens show success of Friendliness

It’s good to see the connection between NPS and Survey Scores, something we’ve highlighted with individual clients, but this is a deep data dive across 6,000 shops. MyCustomerLens specialise in analysing survey comments, and the dominance of Promoter comments related to Friendliness is thought-provoking. Politeness and interest are much smaller emotional factors – should the main characteristic we are looking for in staff be friendliness?

The sector breakdown shows that the education sector still has the most to learn, particularly on data collection. Surprisingly, they give the best price presentation, but then the worst score on asking to join – all that hard work for nothing!
Overall, the telephone benchmark scores show a slight drop in positive greeting, but a boost in being offered an appointment since last year. Most noteworthy in the face 2 face score is that data capture is down 6% compared with 2017, and while Follow-up has improved, it is still woefully low at 43%. Why is the fitness industry so bad at calling leads, are we so afraid of rejection?

In summary, more great research from Proinsight, some powerful benchmark figures for operators to compare yourselves against. Note your scores, create actions, and improve your performance. Thanks to Dave and the ever growing team at ProInsight – keep up the great work!

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