Lead Forensics - generate more leads for your business

Lead forensics generates more leads for your business, by identifying which companies are looking at your website, and turning anonymous traffic into sales.

What does Lead Forensics do?

  • Identify leads in real time – instantly identifies your anonymous website visitors’ contact details, incl. Business name, Contact info, demographics, search behaviour, financial data
  • Focus sales on the hottest leads – gain competitive edge and never miss a sales opportunity again. Lead score on multi-criteria, auto-assign leads, trigger instant notifications, flag your ‘dream’ customers
  • Maximise sales and marketing ROI – combine next level digital intelligence with sales ready leads to accelerate your online ROI. Convert anonymous traffic into leads, measure from first click to sale, go beyond analytics – truly measure digital ROI


A small piece of code sits on your website and records visitor information. Looking up the IP address in Lead Forensics’ extensive databases shows which company and job role were browsing. You see all these leads in your dedicated portal, where you can manage the leads by assigning to different teams/people, allocating categories, setting follow-ups, or triggering reports and notifications.

What does GGFit have to do with Lead Forensics?

Lead Forensics is being used by fitness facilities to identify opportunities for selling corporate or bulk memberships to companies (rather than individuals).

GGFit clients use the product to boost their corporate outreach and focus their corporate sales processes. As well as finding new corporate to sell to, clubs are also using the tool to highlight existing corporate customers who require a little extra work to increase membership income, and to help with tender re-negotiation.

Lead Forensics is more of a sales than a retention tool, but many clubs find it really useful to generate more corporate leads, and corporate members stay longer on average.

GGFit & Lead Forensics relationship

GGFit is a platinum Lead Forensics reseller; we subscribe to the product for our own websites, and meet a quota of hot referrals and sales each year, earning a finder’s fee for any new customers who sign-up.

You too could be a reseller, or could pass leads through GGFit on a profit share basis. Full details and agreement available on request.