Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Be Happy and Successful in 2011

2010 is nearly over; a good time to reflect on the year that passed.
Unfortunately, lots of people look back and think about everything that went wrong. The things they should have done. The goals they should have reached. The progress that didn’t come.

You will learn much more if you turn this on its head. Here’s a suggestion for a new-year’s exercise in happiness and success. The best way to be happy and successful at work in 2011 is to find out what worked for you in 2010 and do more of that.

Think back on your 2010 working life and answer the following 10 questions. It’s important that you write down your answers - it helps you to reflect more deeply about the questions.

  1. What went really well for you at work in 2010?
  2. What did you do that you’re proud of?
  3. Who have you helped out?
  4. How have you grown and developed professionally?
  5. How have you grown and developed personally at work?
  6. Who has really appreciated your work?
  7. Who has helped you out and been there for you?
  8. Who have you admired at work in 2010?
  9. What have been some fun moments at work in 2010?
  10. Which 5 things from 2010 would you like more of in 2011?

Thanks to Alexander Kjerulf, The Chief Happiness Officer – www.positivesharing.com

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