Friday, 27 March 2015

How do messages help to retain members?

So we discussed how messages alone don’t retain members (you ideally need staff too), but the process of sending and monitoring messages sent can have a positive effect on a club, and help to support the ethos of the club.

Staff understanding of the communications journey(s), and how they fit into the club’s philosophy is key to success.
Staff members who are aware of how many members made at least 4 First Month Visits last month should start working to ensure more new members succeed this month, taking care of those who they think might not make it.

Seeing how many members became absent (and remained absent) in a month is another eye-opener for staff. Those with the right attitude will want to call the absent members they know to get them to return.

It can also be good practice to let your members know that you’ll be messaging them. “We’ll send you a couple of messages to touch base in your first month, and send you a reminder if we’ve not seen you for a couple of weeks”. It shows that you care about their fitness, attendance, or custom. There are lots of examples of absent members returning to a club thanking staff for the message they received and apologising for being absent!

Do you send member messages, if so, when and why, and how does it help build the ethos of your club? Let us know in the comments below...

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