Monday, 8 May 2017

Adopting a Zero Tolerance Approach to Absentees: Guy Griffiths at the Sales & Retention Convention

In the final session at the Sales & Retention Convention, Guy talked about how clubs can improve member retention by working hard at preventing absentees
This section taught delegates what to do if the earlier session on keeping active members active is not as successful as you hoped.

We started by looking at how to identify absentees. Visit date is a key field that is used to define a window that tells you how many members are recoverable, but not yet dormant. Once you have segmented your data so as not to contact sleepers, you need to consider how often you will communicate with members, and how many times you will try to get them back.

After you have identified your absentees, Guy went on to describe the actions or communication methods, including industry benchmarks and how you can become better than average. He also discussed how to measure the effectiveness of your absentee ‘journey’.

Delegates raised some interesting questions about the ex-member journey, which we may discuss as a focus topic at the next Sales & Retention Convention, in November 2017.

If you missed the event, and want to hear more detail on how to identify, act, and measure absent member communications, then register for the Sales & Retention Webinars here.

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