Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Prospect Benchmarking: Jenni McFaull at The Sales & Retention Convention

Jenni McFaull from GymSales delivered some incredibly insightful stats, taken from 11 million interactions with 4 million prospects.

One headline was the conversion rate from different prospects, from Walk-in to Outreach, shown in the diagram below. With a little more work on speaking to, and booking appointments for referrals or guest visits, for example, conversion rates can climb rapidly.

Calls required vs calls made to make a sale was eye opening… 79% required 3 calls, whereas 56% actually made 3 calls.
When a prospect says they’ll be back, only 26% with an appointment do return, and 17% of walk-ins return. It takes another 2-3 calls to get them back!

All these stats are taken from prospecting system, so if you don’t use prospecting solution, it’s likely your stats are worse…

You can read a synopsis of each session here, the full slideset is available to delegates on a private link. If you could not make it to the convention yourself, but would like to register for a webinar to get the content and ideas, please click here.

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