Friday, 12 May 2017

Elevate - Raising the Bar for Fitness Conferencing, plus GGFit Awards

We really enjoyed the Arena of Physical Activity, Health and Performance that is the Elevate event this week. There was a real buzz at the event on both days, and we had some great client and partner meetings. As always, the hard work now starts with follow-ups.

The diamond floor-plan exhibition layout was inspired, creating traffic flow in almost all areas of the hall. It was slightly confusing to navigate, but we're all for moving people's comfort zones!

If we were handing out awards, here's who we would like to thank:
  • Ray Algar - best tourist guide for plugging the Emirates Airline as the way to arrive and leave the event. Fantastically chilled transportation for London!
  • Alina Cooper & FitLinks - best goody bags, and lots of them... Really useful notebook, pen, mints, and a bag within the bag!
  • Neil Harmsworth & PayAsUGym - best drinks reception, with the foresight to move to the upstairs bar when the drinks ran out in the hall
  • Max Quittendon & Elevate - best exhibition layout, keeping stand planners on their toes
  • Hans Muench - best crushing handshake!
If we had to have a niggle, it would be about the VIP area, which didn't feel very Important this year. Last year's VIP area worked well at Olympia. At this year's event, the nespresso and pastries were good on Wednesday morning, as was access to VIPs and guests. But being moved around by sponsors and denied access unless you were meeting VIPs took the edge off on Wednesday pm and Thursday. 

Looking forward to Elevate 2018... more of the same please, Max & Lucy


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