Thursday, 4 May 2017

Keeping Active Members Active: Guy Griffiths at The Sales & Retention Convention

The afternoon sessions at the Spring ’17 Sales & Retention Convention kicked off with Guy Griffiths talking about how to keep active members active. Most clubs will have around 50-60% of members visiting regularly, and if you can grow this segment by making your members more active, you will have fewer absentees to worry about, and better member retention overall.

Broadly speaking, to keep active members active, we’re looking for as many ways to talk to members as possible. There are countless opportunities, but Guy focused on Programme Reviews, Classes, and Challenges, looking at ways of identifying members to talk to about each, actions to take, and then measurements to see if your actions are working.

The Programme review is the classic retention interaction, but so few clubs deliver it consistently, or at all. Start by identifying members whose programme review is due this month. Flag them in your database, create a member checklist, and email them all inviting them for a programme review.
You can also contact members whose programme is long overdue inviting them for a motivation session or similar. Once your staff have carried out the review, check them off the list, or update the database.
In terms of measures, you’re looking to reduce the number of programme reviews overdue, renew as many as possible that are due this month, and a larger proportion than you did last month.

If you missed the event, and want to hear more detail on how to identify, act, and measure member interaction around Programmes, Classes, and Challenges, then register for the Sales & Retention Webinars here.

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