Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Tour and Closing More Sales: Dave Reeves at The Sales & Retention Convention

Dave’s presentation at the Spring ’17 Sales & Retention Convention focused on the tour and closing more sales. He talked about looking for objections when there sometimes aren’t any. Price is regularly seen as an objection but there are many ways around this, such as asking your prospect to give you their daily or weekly budget, which will often exceed your prices.

92% of consumers research lifestyle choice product such as gym membership online (Internet Retailing Magazine), so most of your prospects will know about you already, and will know your prices, if you publish them.

This session also covered selling the benefits of the club, but specifically tailored to the prospect’s needs. Talk to the member about HUG (History, Usage and Goals), and try to sell something bigger than. The tour also needs to be personalised, and you should build value into the tour, and always link the tour back to the goals. If you run a great tour, as Dave demonstrated, you’ll not have any objections to be handled at the end, your prospects will just sign up.

You can read a synopsis of each session here, the full slideset is available to delegates on a private link. If you could not make it to the convention yourself, but would like to register for a webinar to get the content and ideas, please click here.


Craig Campbell said...

Not sure that you will not get objections and that everyone will just sign up no matter how good you are a touring. Never met anybody with 100% conversion rate. Would be interested to see how this is done guy if you have any info. Thanks Craig

Guy Griffiths said...

Hi Craig, Dave's presentation focused on addressing or removing objections during the tour, so that when it comes to the price presentation there are no objections.
You're right of course, no objections and a 100% conversion rate would be incredible, but it's something to aim for!