Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Let's Move for a Better World 2017 - how to get 3 Million MOVEs

Technogym’s Let’s Move challenge is back again, running from 13-31 March. You can find all our previous tips & tricks here, but there are a few different prizes this year, and we’ve run some analysis to help you reach your club’s targets.

STOP THE PRESS - Registration deadline extended to Thurs 16th Feb!


Rather than having a first, second, third place, Technogym are offering a Top, Medium, and Entry Level Prize. Many clubs could win these…
  • Top Level Prize: 5,000,000 MOVEs win EUR 10,000 of TG Products
  • Medium Level Prize: 3,000,000 MOVEs win Arke Functional Kit, plus an invite to the LetsMove conference at Technogym HQ in Italy
  • Entry Level Prize; 1,000,000 MOVEs win 2 invites for teachers or parents to the Wellness Summit at Technogym UK in Bracknell

Of course, there will still be bragging rights for who’s winning, who’s in the top 10 clubs in the UK, or for chains, who’s beating who. All good stuff!
Please check the full Ts&Cs here

So, the discussion we’ve been having with several clients is “how do we get 3 Million MOVEs in 19 days?”

Each member’s MOVEs are capped at 2,000 per day, and only MOVES in club on Technogym equipment count. So, if a member was to work-out to the max every day for 19 days, they would collect 38,000 moves. You’ll need 27 super-members to reach 1,000,000 moves, or 79 of these members to get to 3,000,000 moves. If you can identify these members, great. If not, read on…

Crow Wood Leisure in Burnley won LetsMove in the UK last year with just over 3,000,000 moves, but only ONE of their members collected 2,000 moves EVERY day of the challenge. There were some other very keen members, but the top 10 members only averaged 1,600 per day.

To achieve 3 million moves, they signed up almost 850 members. However, nearly 150 of these ‘participants’ logged zero moves during the challenge, so only 82% of those signed up actually contributed. The overall average of those who made some moves was around 235 moves/day.

If you’re going to get 3,000,000 moves for a medium level prize in 2017, here’s a couple of ways of doing it:
  • Sign-up at least 500 members (around 20% of whom will not contribute), and get them to log 395 moves/day on average
  • Set a daily target of 250 moves/day/member, and sign-up at least 790 members (assume 20% drop-out)

Either way, you’ll need a big dose of motivation, and to remind your members to focus on exercise that counts… only on Technogym kit during the challenge! Don’t forget to check out lots of other tips on past posts here.

Let's Move For A Better World 2016 Edition from Technogym.

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