Monday, 13 February 2017

Where are your new member’s friends? #FWQQ #5

We’ve looked at some fairly standard (or straightforward) measures of new member engagement so far, with visits, inductions, classes and challenges. Something else that all clubs claim to do (but few actually do well) is asking all new members for a referral. 

When a new member does refer a friend, they are showing that they are engaged and into their new membership. Plus, if their friend joins, they are more likely to stick around longer when they work out together.

There are many channels through which you can get referrals; the 7-day courtesy call, a message in the member communications journey, asking within the induction or welcome session, or providing guest passes in the welcome pack.

Use all methods available to you, and count how many of your new members are referring at least one friend. If you know which methods are working you can work on those more, or look to improve them.

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