Friday, 3 February 2017

What is your club’s minimum FMV? #FWQQ #2

List your January joiners, along with their total visits to date. Pick a minimum visit target for your new members and check how many members make the cut. 4 first month visits (FMVs) is a good standard; it’s not going to break any records, but should give you a manageable list.

So, you’ll have a group of new members who make the grade, typically 80-90% of joiners, and a few (10-20%) that haven’t made 4 FMVs.

[Note, running this at the start of February for January joiners will show up some members who’ve not had a chance to make 4 visits yet, e.g. if they joined on 31 Jan. You might like to monitor this ongoing through the month, or split the Jan joiners into two segments.]

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