Monday, 6 February 2017

Do your new members know what they’re doing? #FWQQ #3

Some new joiners claim they know what they’re doing… they don’t want an induction or welcome session, and certainly don’t want a programme or review.
However, the customer is not always right, and some really need help and are at more risk of leaving if you leave them to their own devices.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell which members need more attention, and which don’t. So, you need to be pushy and sell the induction, or set up a programme for as many new members as possible. If you push it so hard that you’re losing the odd member, you’ll probably be saving 5-10 memberships, so keep it up.

Review your list of January joiners, and check how many have had an induction or welcome appointment, and how many have had, or have booked a subsequent programme review.

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