Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Four Weeks to Quit Quitting - A Summary #FWQQ

To round up the Four Weeks to Quit Quitting series of articles, here's a summary of all 8 tips. Our goal with these posts is to help your members to stick around for longer, and reduce drop-out of new gym joiners, not just in January and February, but throughout the year. 

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1. The New Member Challenge

How many new members joined the new member challenge, and how many completed it?

2. What is your club’s minimum FMV?

What percentage of new members made 4+ visits in their first 30 days. How are you helping those who made less than 4, and what happened to those who made 0 visits?

3. Do your new members know what they’re doing?

What percentage of new members had an induction? Do those who didn’t have a welcome session want one now?

4. Class As for new members

What percentage of new members have attended a class? Why didn’t the others? Can you persuade them to do at least one class?

5. Where are your new member’s friends?

How many referrals do you have from your new members? What channel worked best for referrals, and can you get more. Referrals = More engaged members

6. What do your new members think of you?

Ask for, measure, and respond to feedback.

7. Can your new members keep it up?

How many visits did your members make in their second month. Add motivation where needed!

8. Hands up if you're not here anymore

Some new members will have left already. Why?

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