Thursday, 16 February 2017

What do your new members think of you? #FWQQ #6

How do you know how well your joining process is working, how your member journey is going, and how you members feel after a week or two? One or two might tell you, and if there’s anything going wrong you might get a complaint. Equally, you might not even hear about it. 

In the UK, we’re not usually very good at complaining, although online reviews are starting to change this. It’s now easier to leave feedback, and if you don’t ask your members for it, you’ll still get it (but just the negative ones!)

A new member’s survey or review is crucial to your member journey. You need to ask you members because this feeds all the feedback into one place where you can measure and monitor it.

Get your members into the habit of doing a quick survey. The best surveys are quick – what do you think on a scale of 1-5, and then (optional) free text comments. You could send this by email or sms after a week or two, or the day after their induction or welcome appointment.

Metrics? Keep it simple…

  1. How many did you send (joiners), and how many completed the survey? (A 10% response to email would be good, get your staff to mention the survey to members to improve completion rates)
  2. What is your average feedback score, can you segregate/compare different sites/instructors?
  3. Is there any useful feedback in the comments that you can use to improve?

The image below (a google search for Gym Group Reviews) shows how the Gym Group use feefo to ask members what they think, and then publish the reviews online. Compare the feefo score (4.4/5 from 35,766 reviews) with the trustpilot score (4.2/10 from 14 reviews). This shows that handful of disgruntled people are using trustpilot as an outlet for their frustration, but many genuine members are leaving a review on feefo.

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